I’m Peggy O.  Formerly a good, vanilla girl with a history of terminally-ill relationships (read: abusive).  One day I met a man who pulled my hair really hard while fucking me like a dog and then spanked my bottom when we were done.  I wanted more.  He couldn’t handle it, as he still hadn’t resolved his own Virgin/Whore Complex, so I went searching and found the kinky world that is FetLife.

It wasn’t long before various Domly types were crawling all over me, wanting to beat me and control me and throat-fuck me into submission.  Whatever expectations I had were wildly inadequate.  I frenzied for a while, hungry to sample it all.  I even switched and I Dommed, and that was FUN!  When I really wasn’t looking, a man came along and stopped me in my tracks.  Like me, quite new to FetLife and exploring his own interest in kink and power exchange.  His name is Hofvarpnir.  Together we are working out our kinky dynamic around working out our Relationship in the Real World.  Lovers and partners first, then Daddy/Babygirl or Master/slave.  Sometimes the Goddess in me refuses to submit and we have to figure that out too.

It could all end with us back in vanilla, sitting warming our toes by the fire on a blustery, grey, west-Atlantic-coast day, but we’ll keep the whips and chains in the bedroom for a while longer yet.