When you realize they all care about you

Spent the afternoon with my best friend. She knows a bit about my new kinky adventures. Her eyes light up when I tell her anything but I’m careful not to sell myself for her entertainment. I couldn’t wait to show her my bruises from last weekend… That’s when I realized that the bruises are a fetish in themselves. Ha, cool. Even if it’s weird.
But it’s not weird in Fet World.

I think she views this as a passing phase. A rebound reaction to the end of my relationship with Graeme. I tried to explain to her how comfortable I feel there.
“It’s so different to approaching sex ‘out here’. There, anything goes. There’s so much tolerance, and acceptance, and it’s all about honesty and consent and safety and FUN….” and a list of other words trotted out of my mouth. Words I don’t really associate with the start of a sexual relationship in the vanilla world. And I’m sick of all that acting, lies, deceit, delusion and dishonesty.  I’ve always known my sexual tastes were rather eclectic. It’s only another small step into embracing one’s full kinky marvellousness once you’re there.

There’s more harmony in my communications with the potential new Dom today. I’ve come down off the ceiling of over-reaction and he’s acquiesced so much that I had to ask him whether he’s actually capable of Topping me effectively! I’ve not been told off or lectured all day and frankly I just can’t stand it.

“I’d beat him to a pulp for you,” said one new Fet World friend. It made me smile. Beating into a pulp won’t be required, but I’ll keep it in mind just in case.


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