Put in my place

“Do you want me to dominate you?”

I knew the question was coming and I didn’t know how to answer it when it did. It should have approached more slowly but I did something stupid today which brought things to a head, all because I’m in this new-sub-frenzy.

“You’re like the kid in the sweetshop. Just don’t OD too quickly.”

Letting my kink out of the closet has turned me into a junkie.

Orgasms are NOT wonderful when you keep having them all day and night. Right now they are fucking tedious. I’m barely getting any sleep. I don’t even have to touch myself or masturbate to cum. It’s not the first time in my life I’ve experienced periods of spontaneous orgasm but it’s certainly the most prolonged and intense. The only way to get relief is to masturbate really hard, which shuts it all down for a few hours. And then it’s back.

So if you tell me not to masturbate, it’s making it worse.
Tell me to stop sexting with other people.
Tell me to stop looking at Kinky & Popular.
Tell me to do the housework that I’ve been neglecting (and yes, the place is a mess).

He told me there’d be consequences. I just seemed to accept that. No doubt in my mind. Doesn’t that mean his question has already been answered?


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